Parrots have long been known to speak to people in their own language and inspire with their beauty and vocalization ability. The Parrots for Peace (a 501c3 non-profit) are a family of five magnificent blue and gold macaw parrots symbolizing a vision of universal harmony between all sentient beings interconnected with Mother Earth.

The macaw parrots participate in numerous events and program promoting ecological awareness and world peace. Programs with the Parrots for Peace have included United Nations NGO-sponsored events for such programs as World Water Day; and The International Day of Peace; Universal Human Rights Bill commemoration (with a call to action to extend these rights to all of life). Additional programs attended include the Vigil for International Peace & Ecology; Water Not Weapons; We The World; Ecofest NYC; Earth Society;; World Peace Prayer Society; Universal Peace Day; Woodstock Walk for World Peace; Live Peace International; The Hudson River Clearwater Organization; the Peace Fair at Brooklyn Peace; the Culture of Peace initiatives; The Smile Revolution; Alliance for a New Humanity; and indigenous peoples’ Pow-Wows. The Parrots for Peace also participate in special programs at schools, libraries, hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout the Northeast and Washington DC.

Here’s a glimpse of some of Parrot for Peace’s event participation:
Parrots For Peace partnered for a water awareness campaign, WATER NOT WEAPONS, with Pete Seeger and Phil Sauers. Phil is the founder of World Water Rescue Foundation which helps bring paper gable top water containers and a crushing devise so that the water delivered to devastated places through a U.N. NGO can be used and crushed to burn to cook with and saving oceans from increased plastic waste. Parrots For Peace performed at many water awareness programs in NYC with NYC Friends of Clearwater and World Water Rescue Foundation. Parrots For Peace produced Voices For Water, an eco-performance and concert at the Maritime Museum in Kingston for arts and culture awareness within Kingston Festival of the Arts. Parrots For Peace have spoken frequently at Hofstra University’s MBA and EMBA and business law classes on the ethics of sustainable business practices with the compassionate capitalist and social responsibiity awareness model of first do no harm to the environment, people (economic justice and safety). Parrots For Peace waged a peace campaign in the months following the 9/11 WTCs event and visited mosques, Sikh and Hindu Temples, Tibetian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Buddist Temples, synagogues and churches, nature ceremonies for peace and pow wows for peace calling for world unity in peace.

Pete Seeger, Gloria Waslyn and Parrots for Peace, 2007 Pumpkin Festival

Parrots for Peace at the UN for World Water Day, 2009

The White Gryphon Interview with Gloria Waslyn and The Parrots for Peace