Everything changed on 9/11

May there be Peace between all People, Animals and Nature sharing life in harmony with our One Mother – Earth

On the morning of September 11, 2001 when a coaching client phoned to get feedback on whether to show up at his Wall Street banking job just after he had witnessed a plane hit the World Trade Center, Gloria Waslyn knew the world had changed.
She instinctively took her two bonded blue and gold macaw companions, Ms. Merlin and Mr. Baby, to help give comfort by waiting with families for loved ones to be rescued and spread the word that peace should prevail as we work in harmony to rebuild. The Parrots for Peace were thus named and their mission was born. For nearly nine months the Parrots for Peace were held by firemen, police, EMS and other first responders and recovery workers, and the families who had lost loved ones. They visited a mosque, synagogue, church, a Tibetan sand mandala impermanance ritual, a spirit powwow, and Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist temples (Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, and Korean); they joyfully and solemnly participated in countless vigils and fund-raisers for the families.

Soon, the avian peace ambassador message spread through various NGOs at the United Nations to encompass water activism (for clean, free and available water as a human right) and to the UN-designated International Day of Peace. They were invited to participate as representatives of nature and present their peace message at the celebration of Human Rights Day to call for an extension of the innate rights of all humans to be inalienable to all animals and nature, as well.

Gloria Waslyn can be seen with her avian companions, The Parrots for Peace, at countless peace and environmental events in New York City, Woodstock, and Beacon (home of the Beacon Sloop Club, started by Pete Seeger over 40 years ago). The blue and gold macaw family consist of Ms. Merlin, the Sagittarius, 14 1⁄2 year-old year-old mate of Mr. Baby, the big man, who is a 14 year-old Gemini and their two sons. Peace-nik is nearly four years old; born on October 6, 2008 at 9 a.m. when Gloria heard his first peep out of the egg. Ara, the newest avian peace ambassador, was born on March 12, 2012.

The Parrots for Peace are also the Rainforest Ambassadors and the SpokesAvians for Wildlife and Nature; their motto: “May there be peace between all people, animals and nature as we live in harmony and balance with our one mother, Earth.” Their not-for-profit organization, Parrots for Peace, is dedicated to the proposition that we are all intricately involved in the whole of life with a creative energy that manifests in form and in spirit. The Peace Parrot family embrace everyone they encounter with a personal interaction and conversation involving sustainability and the simple practices we can all engage in to bring a more harmonious balance between nature and life-style.

The Parrots for Peace organization is working to create an environmental and peace studies sanctuary as a permanent habitat for the growing family. It will be a place to visit and learn about sustainable living and have an encounter with the peace parrots. Live streaming video will enable people everywhere to observe the beauty of the family interaction. Their 120 year life and multiple generations require that they have a stable and sustainable home base for them to continue their work throughout their lives. Generations will be able to visit them and learn about sustainability, ecology and the deep connection that unifies all life. Through this engagement, the Parrots for Peace and their organization offer a delightful experience that opens the heart to possibilities which create a ripple effect of cross-species understanding and communication.

The Peace Parrots can be seen at powwows around the NY state area dancing with indigenous peoples, the Vigil for International Peace and Ecology in Central Park, EcoFest-NYC, Water Not Weapons, World Water Rescue Foundation, New York City Friends of Clearwater, We The World, Drums Along the Hudson, Earth Society, Woodstock International World Walk for Peace, World Prayer Society, and Beacon Sloop Club’s Strawberry, Corn, Pumpkin and Winter Festivals. They are also participants in environmental advocacy rallies calling for no hydro-fracking in NYS for Catskill Mountainkeeper and The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater where they also call for a closing of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and the green energy solutions we can all create.

Pete Seeger, Gloria Waslyn and Parrots for Peace, 2007 Pumpkin Festival

Parrots for Peace at the UN for World Water Day, 2009

The White Gryphon Interview with Gloria Waslyn and The Parrots for Peace